• Volunteers are the heart of animal rescue.
    They generously offer their time and service and are driven by one simple, distinguishing characteristic:
    They love animals.

    There are many ways volunteers can help. (Click Here)
    Register and become a member of the team to a better shelter.

  • Training Classes
    Training classes will be developed for staff and volunteers.
    Volunteer training will follow the the format used by the ASPCA and cover
    - orientation
    - dog volunteers*
    - cat volunteers*
    - adoption volunteers
    - foster care

    * Levels I, II and III will correspond to volunteer experience. 
    Each level requires training classes, a minimum number of volunteer hours and hands-on testing by a certified team member.
    This is used when matching volunteers with dogs, which are classified by the level of experience the handler needs.

    Training opportunities for staff will also be explored.

  • Scheduling
    Scheduling for dog and cat volunteers (walking, socializing) is flexible.

    A more formalized schedule will be used for Adoption Volunteers who will work with the public, particularly for walk-throughs to identify the right pet.
    This will allow for a more personalized experience.

  • Sign In
    Volunteers will sign in and out.
    This will track accumuated hours to quantify the experience they have.
    This is used primarily for Level I, II and III dog and cat volunteers.

    It will also be used for volunteer appreciation and recognition at special events.