Honey Bunch spent half of her life in a municipal shelter. And God only knows what the other half was like.

Picked up as a stray when she was approx. 2yrs. She waited. And waited. Two (2) long years living in a kennel, hoping someone would rescue her and take her home.

It was not meant to be.

Honey Bunch was going to be euthanized because of a recent bite incident. Actually, there was more than one. But she was not a bad dog. She was not inherently mean or vicious. Her behavior was a symptom of her distrust, fear, frustration and the solitude of shelter life. Honey Bunch was good with the volunteers and staff who loved her. And she loved them right back. She would look soulfully at them when they approached her kennel, asking “Is it my turn to go for a walk?” Always grateful for the short reprieves from her lonely existence.

Honey Bunch can no longer be considered adoptable and the Town of Brookhaven has few options. They have agreed to place her at Silver Streak, a sanctuary located upstate, New York.

A Better Shelter is seeking donations to cover costs. We cannot offer her the life that could have been, the life that should have been. But we can offer this. A new beginning.

Please consider helping Honey Bunch with a tax-deductible donation. No amount is too small. Thank you for caring.