• Intake
    Information recorded when an animal enters the shelter.
    This includes all details: date, time, location, individuals involved, circumstances, physical description of animal, etc.

  • Status
    ie. On-Hold, Redeemed, Adoptable, Adopted etc.

  • Medical Records

    All medical records before entering the shelter if available and after.
    Exam, vaccinations, medications, vet care, spay/neuter etc.

  • Photos

  • Temperament Assessment
    Developed by staff and/or volunteers.
    Record behavior in a variety of situations.

    This information will be useful when matching adoptable pets and owners.
    It will also be used to identify needs for training and/or rehabilitation.
    Re-test as needed to identify changes.

    Levels I, II and III will be defined and assigned to dogs and correspond to the level of experience needed by handlers.

  • Comment Log 
    Comments will be recorded and shared by staff and volunteers when interacting with animal.

  • Profile
    Narrative text used for promotion

  • Incidents
    Bite reports or other documentation

  • Foster Care

  • Adoption Records
    Automate printing of adoption paperwork

  • Follow Up

  • History
    Audit trail of changes to specific data

 All record keeping will contribute to a comprehensive profile.