Suffolk County passed a law in 2017 to protect pets kept outdoors. 

Dogs cannot be confined outdoors when the temperature is below 32 degrees, above 90 degrees or "conditions are not appropriate ..."

If you see something, say something.

1. Call 911
2. Provide known details:
- Address, cross street
- Name of owner
- Name, description of dog
- How long dog has been out, frequency/history
3. Provide your name, contact info (this is not required, but is preferred)
4. Ask for the CC# and the operator's id number
5. Note the day/time you are calling
6. Follow up. 
- If the situation is not corrected, call 911 again with the CC#
- If the situation is still not corrected, contact your local police precinct (click here) and ask to speak with the Commanding Officer

It is the responsibility of the Suffolk County Police Department to enforce the law.
* SCPD has the authority to go on the property, seize the dog and arrest the owner, if necessary.
* SCPD can request assistance from the town animal control officers and/or SPCA, if necessary.
* First offenders are subject to a $250 fine and up to five (5) days in prison.

Click here for more info
or call (631) 219-8529 for assistance.